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Alcoholic beverage made by mixing vodka and orange juice that should never, ever be made with Sunny Delight.
"Man this Sunny-D screwdriver tastes like shit!"
by lalala October 01, 2003
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little hottie, whos got the most original sound to her!
Go nelly nelly nelly furtado all in your stereo!!!! DONT DOUBT HER YO!
whoooooooos that biiiiittch? MEEP MEEEEEP nelly nelly furtado SHES READY TO BLOW OFF YOUR PANTS YOOO
by lalala June 14, 2003
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a very healthy thing. tastes good with the crunchy stuff! everyone should eat yogurt
ahh I don't have anything good to eat that's not fattening...
-eat yogurt!
by lalala January 07, 2005
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Why does everyone say SOAD is loaded with Tattoos and piercings? I don't think any of them has a visible piercing or tattoo. The only strange thing about their appearance is the beards. Yeah, they have some really weird looking beards. Often their songs reflect this weirdness. But it's good weirdness; it sounds cool, it's catchy and it makes you think. System IS different, I could always tell if a song was by system on the radio (even before I started listening to them) thanks to Serj's crazy Armenian voice. Some people refuse to acknowledge their talent because they're stuck in the days of Slayer and Black Sabbath (who are good... but their time is over), but I think SOAD is truly one of a kind.
System of a Down's style might not be right up you alley, but you can't deny that they're unique.
by lalala August 27, 2004
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Beautiful brown eyed tall tanned skin girl with brown hair and a killer body. Hot greek girls love to party and have a great time............
this hot greek teen walks past these guys at the beach and they all got a freakin boner!.......wow
by lalala December 23, 2004
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The "FC" is a county in central Ohio. Although it contains the great city of Columbus, capital of Ohio and also known as the San Fransisco of the midwest, it will never have a hit fox tv series based on it. Probably because the weather is crappy. And we have no beaches.
I live in franklin county, but I'd rather live in orange county.
by lalala November 26, 2004
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Mexican restaurant chain that is MUCH better then Chipotle.
Baja Fresh es un restaurante muy bueno. Es mejor que Chipotle.
by lalala October 01, 2003
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