11 definitions by l337 haxx0r

v. Synonym for 'forget it' - alternately 'don't worry about it'.

Literally: 'allow that to go ahead without our attention'

Now lau you, yeah?
Lau this website, it's a long ting

Lau work, I'm hungover
by l337 haxx0r May 4, 2004
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Snowboard specifically made for a female. EG Burton Feather / Feelgood / Chorus / Face, Palmer Touch, Ride Vista
That ho's got a fat bitchplank, shame she still can't land shit all
by l337 haxx0r March 18, 2004
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West London black term coined to describe a person or thing of questionable reputation or values, often dismissed by the mainstream and mainsteam culture.
Oi, you see dat bitch in Hippodrome las' night, chattin like she own the place, bitch is bait yeah?
by l337 haxx0r April 2, 2004
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The large appendage that hangs down toward the back end of a horse's belly. Resembles something normally found behind the gearstick of a car, between the seats.
"Check the handbrake on the thoroughbred over there, I wouldn't like to get on the receiving end of that in a dark alley"
by l337 haxx0r October 5, 2005
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A low-cost airline started recently to take your money in exchange for DVT and cramp.
My girlfriend tried to give me a blow-job on the Vegas-Boston JetBlue, but her neck seized up and we got caught.
by l337 haxx0r December 6, 2004
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n. An asshat. One who is so utterly retarded, he isn't worth consideration nor definition. Hence I'm going to stop defining him now. Fucker.
Fuck you, you fucking fuckzoid
by l337 haxx0r April 12, 2004
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My cousin has fat cheeks. Man, he is gadoid filth
by l337 haxx0r July 18, 2003
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