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The automotive equivalent of snowburn. Also a popular Electronic Arts videogame from the mid-1990s on the Sega Megadrive.
I was playing Road Rash the other day, then I went out to do the same on my motorbike, and got road rash.
by l337 haxx0r March 28, 2004
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Red marks, blistering and bloody scratches that appear on your arm/hip/shoulder/chest after you eat shit after stacking it on a jump in the snowboard park. For best results wear a short-sleeved shirt whilst riding.
I just bailed out of a cab-360 and smashed onto the knuckle of that tabletop. Now I have fucking snowburn.
by l337 haxx0r March 23, 2004
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n. A long, thin metal strip that you slide along whilst wearing a snowboard. Often tarnished with the blood of unlucky riders.
Fuckin' shit man, did you see that breh mash his head up on the rail or wha
by l337 haxx0r April 3, 2004
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n. An asshat. One who is so utterly retarded, he isn't worth consideration nor definition. Hence I'm going to stop defining him now. Fucker.
Fuck you, you fucking fuckzoid
by l337 haxx0r April 12, 2004
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My cousin has fat cheeks. Man, he is gadoid filth
by l337 haxx0r July 18, 2003
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A low-cost airline started recently to take your money in exchange for DVT and cramp.
My girlfriend tried to give me a blow-job on the Vegas-Boston JetBlue, but her neck seized up and we got caught.
by l337 haxx0r December 6, 2004
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v. To have anal sex
Barry took Kevin up the yin yang yesterday night, all the screaming kept me awake
by l337 haxx0r April 3, 2004
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