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A wolf in sheep's clothing. An antisocial and opportunistic person who lacks moral judgement and character but has the keen ability to identify and take advantage of the weaknesses of others. They often blame society for their shortcomings and view themselves as a victim. They may come across as charming and charasmatic, but are predators in disguise. Once their true colors are shown, they often posses such traits as narcisim, insecurity, dishonesty, violence, jealousy, and victimizing oneself. Interestingly, most sociopaths have a high degree of intelligence or "street" smarts.
Many serial killers qualify as a sociopath.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com November 29, 2007
A very dangerous person. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. A master deceiver. They are perceived as a nice guy with charm and perhaps charisma but when the layers of the truth are peeled back they are evil, opportunitstic and lack character. A sociopath may look like this:

They are opportunistic and use their keen ability to read people to take advantage of a person’s weakness. They have an error in judgement and have no regard for rules. Their extreme egocentricism makes them do whatever they must to get what they want without regard for other people. They are manipulative. Their character flaw seldom makes them feel guilt or learning from punishments. They always justify their actions. They lack personal responsibility and blame others for their shortcomings, labeling themselves the “victim.” Many sociopaths are also pathalogical liars and can have a tendancy to commit acts of violence.
Most serial killers fit the personality trait of a sociopath.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com March 16, 2008
The period of technological innovation in the world that began in England in the 1800s and spread to America during the Reconstruction Era immediately after the Civil War. One major effect was the genesis of middle class America as people took jobs in emerging industries and new industrial plants. Before the industrial revolution there were only two social classes in the United States: wealthy (many were slave owners) and poor agrarian families. The wealthy at that time were hardly wealthy by today’s standards.

It’s believed that the invention of the printing press sparked the revolution, leading to the creation of the steam engine, followed by industrial plants and technological innovation. The industrial revolution then sparked the emergence of big business and capitalism as people found employment opportunities in new industries and industrial plants, attracting people to urban areas. The textile industry, mining, the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, the insurance industry, power plants, retail industries and the steel industry are just a few industries that emerged during the industrial revolution. Thanks to the emergence of the steel industry, the world’s first “skyscraper” emerged in Chicago in the 1880s. Then came the invention of the car by Elwood Hayes of Kokomo, Indiana; and the airplane by the Wright Brothers of Ohio; and then television and radio; and then the rocket by Robert Goddard and the space age; the birth of the microchip and the computer; mass communications, and then Big Brother and the internet--all of these were effects of the industrial revolution that greatly changed our society and lead to the current “second industrial revolution.” In less than a century mankind went from being a strictly agrarian, slave-owning society to landing on the moon.

Key events during the Revolution:

The invention of the lightbulb and phonograph by Thomas Edison, the invention of the telgraph by Samuel F.B. Morse, the invention of pills and elixirs by Colonel Eli Lilly (Eli Lilly and Co. pharmaceuticals), the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, the beginning of the retail industry with Sears-Roebuck, the unification of America's railroad in Promontory Point, Utah, Andrew Carnegie and the Steel Industry, John Rockefeller and the oil industry, etc.
From the Garden of Eden to the mid 1800s, the world changed very little. But with the Industrial Revolution, mankind went from being a agrarian society to one that can talk to someone on the other side of the world—or the moon--in mere seconds.

by krock1dk@yahoo.com May 29, 2008
An ABC sitcom airing from 1991-1999 and one of the most cleverly written sitcoms of the decade. Comedian Tim Allen starred as Tim Taylor, a chauvinist, handyman husband and father of three mischeivous sons who hosted a Detroit cable tool show called Tool Time, and just could help himself to giving "more power" to machinery. Much of the show also focused on the of the rest of the Taylor family: Tim’s wife Jill is a feminist and aspiring psychologist, the loner and very astute neighbor Wilson Wilson always provides advice for Tim, and Tim’s sons are mischeivious but good kids. Tim is very masculine and chauvinist (he even gets disgusted at just the thought of going to the opera), a handyman, clumsy, loved to make jokes about Al’s flannel shirts and overweight mother, always rewiring gadgets, was always competing with his next door neighbor Doc Johnson for the neighborhood’s best Christmas lights, seeking advice from his other neighbor Wilson Wilson (Wilson Wilson is not a typo)

Spoofs from the show:

1. Tim’s frequent jokes about Al’s flannel shirst and overweight mom.
2. always seeking advice from his next door neighbor Wilson Wilson, only to screw it up
3. Wilson’s face is always hidden
4. always rewiring things to give it “more power”…only to have it explode
5. his wife Jill can’t cook
6. Tim has an obsession with Sears
7. always competes with Doc Johnson, a 80-year old retired proctologist, for the neighborhood’s best Christmas lights
8. Tim is so clumsy that he dropped a steel beam on his wife’s car, fell though a portapotty, glued his head to a table, had a hammer frozen to his tongue, fell through the roof on a project house, blew up a friend’s house and blew up the dishwasher
9. always building a hot rod in the garage
10. frequently grunts when exited or perplexed
11. Bob Villa is his biggest competition
12. Tim often hits his head on a basement pipe above the stairs
13. frequently made jokes about his mother-in-law “Nanna’s” weight but stopped when he saw how thin she had become
14. Always wants Tool Time to take a commercial break when he gets injured
15. Tim frequently gets sick eating Polish food from "Stan’s" Polish restaurant in Hamtramk
16. Tim is well-known at the emergency room, even to the point of having his own cup labeled “Tim”
17. Tim often wears sweatshirts from a Michigan college.
18. Tim's three sons' are always bullied by Vinny McGern
Home Improvement was probably the best scripted show from the 1990s and won numerous Emmys.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com January 25, 2008
Simply put, using threats of death, violence, insurrection or intimidation for political gain occuring most often in the Middle East, but is spreading rapidly around the world. Terrorism is not a 20th Century phenomenon. It traces its history back many, many centuries. Terrorism, in its traditional sense, began in the Middle East and is actually the result of an ongoing family feud between the desendants of Abraham: Ishmael and Issac and the battle between Israel and Palestine. According to Genesis chapters 21-22, Abraham was promised a son by God in his old age. As a result of his unbelief, he had an illegitimate son named Ishmael (the father of the Arabs) with his maidservant Hagar. Abraham and his wife Sarah then had a younger, legitimate son named Isaac (father of the Jews and ultimately the nation of Israel) that God had promised. According to Jewish law, the first-born male of every family (Ishmael in this case) receives a birthright. The birthright was land (today the nation of Israel). However, Ishmael was not the legitimate son and was not entitled to the land but to Isaac instead. After Abraham’s test by God of offering Isaac as a sacrifice, he was promised a “great nation”—the Jewish nation and ultimately the land of Israel. Ishmael and his descendants tried to take the land away from Isaac’s descendants and everything has been hell as a result. Terrorism is the result of this family feud because it denies Israel’s right to exist and wants to destroy it. Terrorism supports the creation of Palestine (which has NEVER existed). Numerous terrorist organizations have been created in the Middle East to destroy Israel and the Jews, but all attempts will fail. Terrorism has spread throughout the world and has reached Europe and the shores of the United States.
Terrorism is a cancer to a freedom loving society and is a political, social, cultural and religious problem. It is traditionally driven by Islam.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com December 6, 2007
An online "dating" site that matches people by 30 dimensions of compatibility, based on personality, weaknesses, strengths, lifelong goals, short term goals, religous beliefs, philosophies on raising children, etc. It is a faith-based matching site and CAN reject applicants it does not feel would be right for their site, ie. refusing to match persons of the same sex. As successfull as eHarmony is when compared to other online matching sites, most of its clients do NOT find love through their service and find someone the old fashioned way (in real life). Its clients are NOT necessarily desperate either. Some people on its service join because they are either too busy in their personal lives to have time to find someone or are too shy to pursue someone in real life. And yes, some join because their shyness or introversion prevents them from meeting someone in real life, and they feel it's better to be rejected by a stranger in the computer than by a real pserson they would know in real life.
eHarmony is NOT for everybody. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com August 9, 2008
The sole cause of obesity in this country.
Fast food is almost the single-worst thing a person can injest in their body.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com January 5, 2008