12 definitions by knucklehead

female actress who got her carrer jump in the movie, the parent trap, and has now blossomed into a big breasted beauty.
I want to power-hump Lindsey Lohan.
by knucklehead February 21, 2005
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A guy named Thilo from ninjapirate.com,
He tries every attempt to get the support of people like maddox from maddox.xmission.com, but he cant because he copies everything. what a bitch
i wish i knew thilo from ninjapirate.com so i could give him a swift kick to the sack.
by knucklehead February 12, 2005
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abbreviation for mortal kombat, a kick-ass fighting game.
lady:whatcha gonna do today?
guy:i dunno, probably eat some hard boiled eggs and play some mk.
by knucklehead September 13, 2005
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a movie starring Billy Bob Thornton, and the magnificent Halle Barry.
I wish I could hump Halle Barry's brains out like Billy Bob did during Monsters Ball
by knucklehead February 4, 2005
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See also:
Alabama neck blanket
Oklahoma shoulder tickler
neck duster
The Kind hearted Ingin' cut
hat dangler
by knucklehead July 19, 2003
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Looking into the face of God, and hearing him say that you... are his greatest creation.
there are no other words to describe your performance so I'll have to make one up... Scrumtralescent.
by knucklehead July 19, 2003
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wedding tackle (British orig.)
tuna spoon
puking banana
my new watch
purple porpose
ol' boy
hiding hotdog
poon plunger
by knucklehead July 19, 2003
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