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1. the day that the newest version of madden football is released. this day is considered a holiday by people who play video games frequently and/or enjoy madden football games.

2. the third tuesday of every august in which grown men call in sick to work to play a video game. this is also a holiday for the unemployed, kids, and inmates alike. this is because nobody else has the time/inclination to play a video game for an entire day, week, or in some cases that involve peoples mothers basement, an entire year
1. "maddenoliday is next tuesday"

2. "maddenoliday is on tuesday. so i'll get the day off and sleep in until 10am when the mall opens. when i get to the mall, i will wait in line for a half an hour, and show my reciept of purchase from march when i payed for the game. i will then bring the game home and play it all day while i enjoy chips and pepsi. i may have a "maddenangover" (see maddenangover) on wednesday and therefore possibly call in sick to work and play that day also. this may continue until i lose my job"
by kingoflb September 1, 2006
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looking for items on the highway shoulder while sitting in traffic
i was shoulder shopping during rush hour yesterday and found a leather jacket
by kingoflb April 2, 2007
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1. the state fish of hawaii

2. a reef triggerfish
white person: "it's called a humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua‘a but us hoale's call it a reef triggerfish or a reef fish, or just a fish"

hawaiian native: " we can sit and talk story of the humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua‘a and then drink some 40's braddah"

rappers: " the girl was dancin like humuhumu-nukunuku,(repeat 3 times) then i axed her fo the pua, pua (repeat 3 times)"
by kingoflb September 1, 2006
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1. when a person wanks off into a cup then adds it as an ingredient to a batch of cookies. later those cookies are given to those who oppose said person.
1. "i hate those guys. i made some bucookies and im going to offer them some at lunch time"
by kingoflb September 10, 2006
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1. after intercourse when a male removes his condom and places the partially semen covered tip of his penis in the woman/women/mens (applies to homosexuals also) mouth.
1. "after i banged her last night, i gave her a DNA sample"

2. (as a joke) "i gave your mom a DNA sample last night"
by kingoflb September 10, 2006
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1. a person whom has no standards in relation to the women he/she will have sexual relations with

2. a history of sexual relations with older women whom are also ugly (see slag)
"duzich has hooked up with four ugly grandmothers this week, he must be slag happy"
by kingoflb September 1, 2006
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