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1. the day that the newest version of madden football is released. this day is considered a holiday by people who play video games frequently and/or enjoy madden football games.

2. the third tuesday of every august in which grown men call in sick to work to play a video game. this is also a holiday for the unemployed, kids, and inmates alike. this is because nobody else has the time/inclination to play a video game for an entire day, week, or in some cases that involve peoples mothers basement, an entire year
1. "maddenoliday is next tuesday"

2. "maddenoliday is on tuesday. so i'll get the day off and sleep in until 10am when the mall opens. when i get to the mall, i will wait in line for a half an hour, and show my reciept of purchase from march when i payed for the game. i will then bring the game home and play it all day while i enjoy chips and pepsi. i may have a "maddenangover" (see maddenangover) on wednesday and therefore possibly call in sick to work and play that day also. this may continue until i lose my job"
by kingoflb August 31, 2006
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A day in Mid to late August when a bunch of nerds wait on line at 12:00 at night to buy the newest Madden. EA sports advertises it and after they buy it they play for 72 hours straight.
Joe was waiting on line for the new madden on maddenoliday, while sica wacked it and cried.
by THEMAGICMUSHROOMs August 31, 2006
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