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A treehugging super hero who while the Planeteers weren't looking used aerosol
cans, left the water running while brushing his teeth, and didn't recycle.
After secretly dumping toxic waste into the Great Lakes, Captain Planet got serviced by one of his Planeteers
by kingdick April 30, 2005

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Snarf was Lion-O's "nursemaid" on Thundera, and he has a hard time dealing with the fact that Lion-O is no longer in need of his "protection". Although he's somewhat cowardly, Snarf does manage to gather his wits and help when needed.
Snarf, where is my bed pan? i'm going to piss the bed soon
by Kingdick January 24, 2005

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The coolest fucking NES baseball game of all time and the second best NES sports game of all time, behind Tecmo Super Bowl.
Dude, those Lovely Ladies on Baseball Stars are hot. I'd love to see them and the Ghastly Monsters go at it.
by kingdick April 06, 2005

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It's made for real people.
It's fitness made simple!!!!
It's made for real people!!!!
It's fitness made simple!!!!
It's changing people's lives...
by kingdick May 06, 2005

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The way in which idiots pronounce the word crayon, forgetting that there is a y and an o in the word. Most often found in areas in which inbreeding is prevalent.
Joe: Hey Chris, what's that you've got shoved up your ass there?
Chris: Oh, it's a yellow-green cran.
Joe: Don't you mean crayon?
Chris: No.
by kingdick April 22, 2005

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The worst place ever
After stepping in a flaming bag of dog shit, RJ told the perpetrators to go to heck.
by kingdick April 29, 2005

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A place where if you step on somebody's shoes, they'll fucking kill you.
If you do that in Frogtown they'll kill you!
by kingdick April 22, 2005

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