The incorrect way to say, "piss in the bed".
After all, you don't say, "piss the toilet" or, "piss the bottle"; you'd say, "piss IN the toilet" or, "piss IN the bottle".
{Mother} : Jimmy, no more Kool Aid tonight or else you might piss the bed.
{Jimmy}: Mommy, don't you mean I might piss in the bed?
by Telephony January 17, 2018
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When you get up in the middle of the night and instead of using the toilet, you piss on your wife marking your territory.
Mark: "I Pissed The Bed you fucking bitch."
by Den drinks his own cum. September 25, 2020
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An annual tradition, where one attempts to go through all of September without pissing the bed. If completed successfully, mommy will buy us chicky nuggies
Guy 1: Hey man, I totally failed No Piss the Bed September last night
Guy 2: Oh no! Mommy won’t buy you chicky nuggies now!
by garnfeld October 7, 2020
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The act of becoming intoxicated to the point of pissing your bed. The term originated in Panama City Beach Spring Break 2012 when Zack Danner got so drunk that he pissed the bed.
Hey guys, Danner got piss-bed drunk again last night. There goes our condo deposit!
by DannersFriends March 8, 2012
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