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The first letters of "Mother fucking son of a bitch" switched around so that whoever says doesnt sound like theyre cussing.
*Guy 1 steals Guy 2's wallet and runs away*

Guy 2 : That Futher Mucking Bon of a sitch stole my wallet. Now i dont have my license or my credit cards
by kilometeros August 03, 2008

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The name of a reptile humanoid alien from the movie GalaxyQuest. He demands the Omega-13 device from the Thermians, a naive alien group disguised as humans.
Tim Allen shot Sarris to death in front of a GalaxyQuest convention! Right on!
by kilometeros July 13, 2008

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Acronym for Los Angeles Angels, which is a retarded acronym created by owner Arturo Moreno in order to make citizens of Los Angeles feel welcome in Anaheim, where the Angels actually play.
At Dodgers Stadium

Arty Moreno:How come it says ANA on the scoreboard? It should say LAA now.

Frank McCourt(Dodgers owner): Bro, you guys play in Anaheim not in L.A., so we're not putting up LAA if you're not from L.A.
by kilometeros August 06, 2008

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1) n. A place where rapes and sexual assaults commonly can occur.

2)n A place where horny teens go to fuck in privacy under their parents' radar.
1) Rapist: Dude, Im going to take this hot MILF inthewoods with me tonight. She seems totally loose!

P.O.: Can I come with? I found a hot slut earlier today too!

2) Ryan: Baby, let's go inthewoods tonight!

Ashley: Alright Ryan! I'm horny and have been waiting for this for a while! Let's fuck!
by kilometeros July 12, 2008

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to seduce a girl into getting some pussy
John: Bro, I got some last night!
Ryan: Dude, Im gonna get some tonight!
John: (No your not...)
by kilometeros July 15, 2008

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