30 definition by kid

When somebody wants to schedule something with you, but you don't want to use a pen to finalize it in your calendar because that person is a loser. If something better comes along -- you can erase it.
Sure, I'd love to watch slides from your trip to the Grand Canyon -- I'll pencil you in.
by Kid May 20, 2004

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People who incorrectly spell Polack
Both the other definition submitters
by kid June 19, 2003

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End of grade Tests. What kids in my school from grades 3-8 at the end of the school year. We just finished ours after 3 days.
Man, I can't wait till those fucking eogs are over!
by kid May 26, 2004

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ghetto macaroni for poor people
Pass the fabarooni please.
by kid February 15, 2005

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an asshole robot on AIM.
not really much to say other than she's an asshole.
by kid November 18, 2003

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to make horny
dawg dat bitch was titalat'n
by kid June 19, 2003

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A word that can be used as any part of speech and includes any desirable meaning.
I cagnised all over her face and followed up with a nice cagnis shot all over her cagnis.
by kid April 25, 2003

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