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exp. please push me the pot of chips i just won, thank you sir.
maltz: i can't believe you just sucked out on me with that jack on the river
karthik: SHIP IT HOLLA!
by khup December 11, 2006
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adj. in poker, the opposite of busto
doyle: did you hear ted couldn't find a game big enough at the borg the other night?
phil: no doubt, that negro is robusto!
by khup December 11, 2006
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v. to gamble, with extra emphasis on the negative expected value aspect of gambling
pfund: sweet, i just won $50 at the roulette table!
maltz: let that shit ride, gamboool!
by khup February 16, 2007
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n. the borgata, the best place to gamboool in atlantic city.
herbs: yo, wanna go to the borg tonight?
karthik: definitely dude, i totally hit a jack on the river there last time. SHIP IT HOLLA!
by khup December 11, 2006
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adj. straight. in some cases, used as a sarcastic exclamation indicating a person, thing, or event's lack of straightness
herbs: you going out tonight?
slavin: no, it's a friday, i have to do finance homework.
herbs (sarcastically): strizzo!
by khup February 20, 2007
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exp. used when pointing at someone you plan to rob
slavin (pointing at elderly woman): yo, ain't that money?
herbs: nah, i don't do old ladies
by khup February 23, 2007
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n. money with your name on it that comes on the 15th of every month. also, a card counting mnenomic for a true count of +15 in blackjack, meaning it's time to bet the mortgage.
herbs: just got my paycheck.
slavin: ain't that money?
by khup February 21, 2007
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