also known as A.C.
The east coast equivalent to Las Vegas a city where the inhabitants are overlooked and live amongst Pimps Pushers Prostitutes, and Poverty

Home Of Black Wall Street East, rappers like Riz, Captains of Bread, and MAVA 800blok and Smoke

A city where multi million dollar hotels stand a few blocks
away from low income housing

Home of the Monopoly Board Game

Despite all of its ills its still one of the illest cities
in NJ A.C. STAND UP!!!
"You're from Jersey...what part?"

"I'm from Atlantic City."

"A.C.?Oh word? my mans and them stay out there on Maryland Ave"
by illesko October 27, 2007
Think of East Coast Las Vegas, but as glam and glitz, but still have casionos, hotels, prizefights, and the oh so sexy miss america pageant.
if u live west of the missisipi u go to vegas, if u live on the east you go to atlantic city.
by Ranger Rimjob February 24, 2006
A city in South Jersey with unique culture and diversity, grade A tattoo shops, the best hoagies in the world, and streets lined with Cash for Gold signs. People from New York and Pennsylvania often travel there to throw their money away in the numerous casinos along the boardwalk and turn their noses up at the locals. Most of these visitors actually hate the city and think it's dangerous. Chances are, they haven't been to Camden.
Atlantic City is the Hollywood of freaks.

by Coathanger Halos March 6, 2007
An urban community located along the southern Jersey Shore in Atlantic County, New Jersey. It is most famous for being the home of the Miss America contest, as well as many large casino-hotels. Sometimes referred to as America's Playground and Newark with a beach. See also Borgata Babe.
If you're smart, you won't leave the casinos in Atlantic City after dark. The streets can get scary there!
by Lake 317 October 25, 2003
A poor man's Vegas, located in New Jersey. Infested with pimps, toothless, STD ridden prostitutes with a bigger dick than the people who buy them, and sound cloud rappers who also sell reggie and oil at the bus stops. In terms of things to do, theres Casinos, cash for gold shops, prostitutes, boardwalk, and getting shot. The creatures that live in it, also known as Locals, are either as fast as roaches or have oxygen tanks near by and go a top speed of 3 feet per hour. Preferably as they are in front of you on a narrow walk way.
"Hey, you wanna Go to Atlantic City?"

"Nah man, i dislike getting STDs. "
by Sleepy Sin June 30, 2017
A poor man's Las Vegas, with a beach and boardwalk.
A: Atlantic City is the sh*t, man!
B: I'd definitely use "sh*t" and Atlantic City in the same sentence.
by JB April 28, 2004
A place to lose money, gold, and time. WHere their as many Cash for Gold signs as slots and people on oxygen who cant walk.
Atlantic City is an example of any other Useless Ignorent Untolorable wasteland like any other dump in New Jersey
by Nikoso August 10, 2006