37 definitions by kent

A moron, idiot, basically just a complete fool.
JT Lambert is an ass clown. Merced is populated by nothing but ass clowns.
by Kent May 06, 2003
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The bitch of those who literally eat chewing tobacco, do steroids, and "rage".
Dude, that chick is such a savbitch
by Kent January 24, 2005
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A gunman whose area of expertise is on the field with guns blazing, or ducking around corners and chucking grenades. Only skilled at sniping when the target is, in fact, beef.
Kent is pretty good, but he's such a Beef Sniper.
by Kent January 09, 2005
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Someone who provides a very needed service for the community and sleeps with everyone, even the guy that has no shot at getting laid and everyone knows it. She will give him a sympathy fuck either because someone asked her to or she just has to fuck everyone she knows……
Fuck off palika, I aint touchin you with my dick.
by kent March 25, 2004
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Link Kirby is an incredibly intelligent being whose razor-sharp wit is unmatched. He is a kind, noble soul, often seen volunteering in soup kitchens and the like. When he isn't helping out the needy, he spends much of his time battling against the trolls that plague the GameFAQs realm. A hero of the people, he recently completed all the prerequisites for becoming a paladin, and commonly goes by the name of Paladin Kirby.
I wish I could be as cool as Link Kirby.
by Kent February 28, 2005
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To play a joke on somebody, usually based around an outrageous lie. As soon as the other person believes you, admit its fake and make them feel dumb
Dude, you believed me that i killed my nephew, killed the cop that tried to arrested me, and broke out of jail, escaping to martha stewarts jail, and i raped her??? PWNED!!
by Kent January 25, 2005
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Muscle enhancing supplemetn, illeagle.
Dude, i bought a new steroid today, look at my guns!
by kent May 11, 2003
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