Land of the Doint, Dointest, A place where the weather is far from temperate, the smell of cattle and agricultural waste sting the nostrils. The landscape is far from interesting and can best be described as Sandy Mush. Other then the Incomplete Uc campus the area can be deemed a technological black whole lacking anykind of service minimize contact to the outside world and confining those with to their own weirdness. Only means for survival in such a living situation is to peridica;;y escape.
"Last time I woke up in merced i thought I was still dreaming"

"Don't take acid just go to merced"
by mercedkilla September 21, 2011
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the backwater town of California, and the only city that has a UC and can still boast that citizens can go anywhere in town and know at least ten people there. Filled with baby boomers whose own parents are from the hick parts of the east coast, the schools may be filled to the brim, but do not be fooled: if there ever was a cliche "country" town in california, this is it.
"You know, when you're drunk you kind of have a Southern accent."

"Well, I'm from Merced."

"Oh. That makes sense, then."
by Rose Saratoga April 4, 2009
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To destroy someone absolutely without killing them with the skills of a fully trained mercenary. (Effortlessly)
"Awwww man, you just got merced"
by IamTh3ownAge April 27, 2009
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I know from living here,born and raised.I moved away in 2003.I came to the East Coast near New York city.Okay,Merced is ok if your just a so-called "normal" person.But if your different,like i was,and just unique and Flamboyant.This town is full of's very closed-minded,Extremely Anti-Gay and full of stupid Bigots.I used to hate being hurrassed,and not feeling like i didn't belong.It was a hard place to live and be yourself.Being Openly-Gay in Merced County has been Hell.This is an OK town for some,But for me i had to leave what i left behind.and that was my Dear Family and "Some" Friends.The other stuff was pure History.I admit,Merced is a cool town,theres some nice people,but theres also a lot of Anti-Gay people as well.

Gilbert Ray Reyes
Aka Maverick
by Gilbert Ray Reyes January 18, 2009
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1. n. the arm-pit of the Central Valley of central California. Turlock is the geographic center of the state and is 20 miles north of Merced, therefore anyone claiming to be a Northerner (norteño) south of Turlock needs to learn their geography, however, most, if not all, gangbangers are confuckulated because they spend their days spun ducky woo woo. If I was mexican (see border brother, spic, greaser), I would not try to kill my brethren - To quote Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"
Merced - Gateway to hell.
by Brain (the real one) December 2, 2004
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In the world of multi-player gaming, merced is used in much the same way that "pwned" is. It is typically used to denote domination or (at the very least) a kill of another player. The word originates from the root word mercenary.

It is also a term that is tossed around quite haphazardly among gamers for feats that are not really all that impressive. A minor kill streak or a narrow victory over an opposing team does not really rise to the level of merced, but that does not stop noobs from using it anyway. (see definition of Noob for details)
Gamer 1: Damn dude, I hate that map, I just got friggin merced.

Gamer 2: All good, we we rape these camper bitches in the next round.
by Gamer3608 May 19, 2011
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a tall, very good-looking guy who can be very sweet and respectful, but can also be mean and mysterious. He is extremely smart, very weird in a really cool way, and very sexual.
Antonio: Merced is so cool!

Violet: I wish I had a boyfriend like Merced :(
by very pretty_flower February 25, 2015
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