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a montrously large, single-piece turd
i was backed up for a week and when i finally passed i looked in the bowl and found a ploppopotamus looking back at me
by keith-tastic April 22, 2008

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any action taken by a man to regain his manhood
"man, i had to watch a chick flick with the old lady last night, i need to go seriously redude myself"
by keith-tastic January 17, 2008

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when 5 or more people are arranged in a circle, the first person ejaculates into the second's mouth, who then ejaculates into the third's mouth and spits the first person's cum into the third person's mouth, and so on. This is repeated until the quantity of ejaculate is such that it is impossible to fit any more in one's mouth.
After an engaging dinner party, resplendent in fine cuisine and witty banter, Rex and Judy invited their guests to partake in a vanilla merry-go-round. The evening was a success!
by keith-tastic January 14, 2009

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when you haven't crapped in ages because the little workers in your fudge factory are on strike.
Parson Brown: "What's the matter"
Baron von Slippyfist: "I think there's a strike at the old fudge factory, i haven't crapped in months"
Parson Brown: "A strike at the fudge factory? Isn't that a fancy way of saying you're constipated?"
Baron von Slippyfist: "Yes, Parson, that's EXACTLY what it is"
by keith-tastic May 22, 2008

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when you adjust your junk
oh man, my shit was all twisted and when i went to adjunkst myself it looked like i was groping myself
by Keith-tastic March 31, 2008

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a ploy used by film studios to increase the box office draw of their movies by killing the star.
Exec: Dude, this new Soulmen movie sucks, I say we Ledger it.
Lackey: "Ledger it?"
Exec: yeah, we'll kill Hayes and Bernie and we'll have so many oscars we'll be shitting statues!
by Keith-tastic August 27, 2008

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