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expression used by people, often while playing sports in gym or practicing for their band; challenge of skill;
Guy about to shoot a basketball: I'm gonna make it in!
Other Guy: You won't!
Guy: Say I won't
Other Guy: You won't LOSER
Guy shoots and makes it in
Guy: OH! OH! who da man?
by Kay March 21, 2004

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Terrorism is a speciallity of the USA. The whole world will be terrorised and drained of resources from this world police. Legal terrorism, as it can't trial itself, no one can say anything. SO SHUT UP!! OR BE BOMBED WITH THE NEW STOCK OF WEAPONS!! millions have been spent on weapons of mass destruction, nothing has been spent on the misfortunate and starved around the world. It would only take a bush monkey to dillusion a weaker minded follower. Now, there will be supporters for terrorism of another nature.
Forget the flow of crack cocaine, heroin smuggling. Thats working ok for us already! we need some OIL and shit!, Lets terrorise the world to get what we want!! (bushmonkey making plans for a UNITED STATES OF CONFUSION)
by kay February 12, 2005

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Definitely not the best indie rock band ever. Ever since their first album which was okay, their output has ranged from average to truly fucking awful. Their latest album is called 'Language. Sex. Violence. Other?', which is truly appauling name for an album, and the cover looks like a C64 loading screen.
Stereophonics are wank.
by Kay March 19, 2005

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1. Hungry hungry hippos is the best best damn game ever. It's a childrens game where you have to hit a lever to open your hippos mouth so it can swallow marbles. The person with the most marbles swallowed by their hippo in the end wins. Their are four colours of hippo; pink, orange, yellow and green.

2. The term can also be used to describe greedy people.
1. The trick to winning Hungry Hungry Hippos is you just whack the lever over and over again all the way through the game. There's the slight drawback of you breaking the lever but who cares.

2. "I went to Macky D's and saw a lot of Hungry Hungry Hippos
by Kay May 17, 2004

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(1) joking, just kidding, etc.

(2) having a strong need, want or desire for. usually connected with drugs, especially marijuana
man, i was just jonesin', i didn't mean it

i'm jonesin' for a fix right about now
by kay December 11, 2003

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People who fail to realise eating animals is part of the food chain.
"Birds should not eat worms, foxes should not eat birds, vegetarians should be eaten by gorrillas"
by Kay July 27, 2003

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"Dude" accidently mistyped on a keyboard such as in an e-mail or instant message conversation.
Bob: Hey Heather. What's up?
Heather: Hey dooce.
Heather: Oops, I mean dooce.
Heather: Err... dooce.
Heather: DUDE**
by Kay November 07, 2004

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