64 definition by kay

A can of whoopass suitible for diabetics.
Tara: I'm going to open a can of whoopass on ya.
Bob: Please don't, I'm a diabetic.
Tara: Fine then, diet whoopass.
by Kay March 21, 2004

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nut sweat
Dude I got hardcore duck butter
by Kay April 04, 2003

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1. A time when you are forced to spend time and money on people you hate (i.e. your family). People get drunk, fight, then go home and sleep, then wake up with bad hangovers.

2. A time where a perverted fat dude named Santa comes down the chimney and gives little five-year-old Jimmy the dirty magazines he always wanted.
"Christmas fucking sucks."
by Kay January 18, 2004

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The state george bush draws people into. The majority of americans' perspective of reality. Someone who has no remorse in killing another human. Someone addicted to life and mind altering substances. Someone who believes the world is a better place with the USA in control.
it's a shame you are so blind, which is leading you to not being able to understand things. Blind is a simple mind!
by kay February 12, 2005

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Wen sum 1's chattin a laod of shit that u dnt really give 2 fucks about u jus say bothered or does this face look bothered then simply walk of, alternatively you could say wotever minger
Random person: U'll never guess what happened last weekend blah blah blah
Me: Does this face look bothered
R.P: yes
Me: Wotever minger
by kay December 08, 2004

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Only the most sexiest 16 year old girl in the U.S.
I want that Galyn Helliwell, she's almost too much woman for me.
by Kay March 03, 2005

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A game played by primary school children. The players divide into two teams who both stand at either side of a the playground, or a netball court or something similar. Someone from one of the teams lobs, or throws a tennis ball at the other team. It must bounce once. If the tennis ball is not caught by a member of the opposing team after that one bounce, the team that threw the tennis ball in the first place scores one point. Games last as long as breaktime does.
At primary school we played lobs every day
by Kay September 27, 2006

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