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The hot steamy smelly atmosphere after you have taken a dump and then got into the shower.
I couldn't tell if my roommate had crapped in the shower or before, but the fumidity was funking up the whole apartment
by Kalamazoot March 16, 2009

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Having Oral, Vaginal and Anal sex all in one session.
Sally sure is a freak. She went down on me, then I hit it from behind, and then she slipped me in the backdoor. I hit the trinput.
by Kalamazoot March 20, 2009

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The flute playing faggot in the Burger King breakfast commercials.
That Flueggot in the Burger King commercials needs to be beaten to death with an oboe.
by Kalamazoot October 26, 2010

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The art of losing a college basketball game that you should truly win by having a huge lead or better talent. Reference Sidney Lowe.

The Sidiot coaching our team cost us any chance of winning after building an 18 point lead.
by Kalamazoot February 08, 2009

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On Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) If you do not type "Amen," retweet or the like, or if you scroll past or ignore then you are aligned against the post, tweet etc.
Type "Amen" if you love Jesus. Scroll past if you do not. Retweet if you think child molesters should be castrated, lobotomized. Ignore if you think they should be allowed to rape kids. This is Shame posting.
by Kalamazoot June 14, 2016

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