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A lovely lovely man. He is very cute, and not an 'old man' as some people claim.
He is possibly as cute as the milkcarton in the video for 'Coffee and TV'. Only 'possibly' though.
You can't fail to love him! :)
"Aww! Coxo *hug* :)"
by kake March 17, 2005
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He who is rather camp in his ways.

He who wears shite shoes. The word shite would suggest the shoes are not very good.

He who resembles basil Brush, haha.
'Haha, the camp one. BOOM BOOM.'

'The camp one. Well, he is rather camp isn't he?'
by kake December 23, 2004
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Stars, as in '**' the asterix key, are commonly used when communicating through texts, msn messenger, yahoo messenger etc. They are used to depict an action. Can also be used to correct a spelling error.


1. Present tense must be used inbetween stars.

2. Whatever is written inbetween stars must represent an action.

3. When doing something involving the other person you're talking to, you can either refer to them as 'you', or use their name.

4. If you accidently leave out a star, when correcting you must not let a star be on its own because it will be lonely.

5. If you are going to use the stars twice in a row, only one star is needed inbetween the two phrases.

6. There are special rules of star use for the goodbye routine which is only done by superior and interesting people.

7. Finally, treat the stars well. They are very special and I love them.
Standard uses of stars:
*Waves at monitor*

When correcting:
'Doing aynthign today?'

Example of rule 4:
'*Offers Simon a sweet'

Example of rule 5:
'*Is now talking crap*shuts up*'

An example of rule 6 is unavailable due to the goodbye routine being sacred.
by kake December 24, 2004
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A highly superior being. Part of an elite group of 6 formers, famed for his public speeches and his 'very english' sense of humour.

Can be found lurking in the dark shadows waiting to critise anything that moves, or indeed, doesn't. Alternatively, can be found doing shite dancing, to the YMCA. The term shite would suggest the dancing is not very good.

Is a big fan of Morrissey and The Smiths and has a very ambigious sexuality.
'The IT Mojo Jojo's hair is looking quite bad today.'

Me: 'Wow'
The IT Mojo Jojo : 'No, it is not wow.'
by kake December 23, 2004
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A word which causes great confusion amongst the human race. How is it pronounced? There are certain superior individuals who hold the answer, but rarely do they present the knowledge to others outside their elite group.
Can also be shortened to create hilarious alternatives.
'ooh pooch'
'pock-oh-die shorts'
'*singing voice* pock-oh-day!'
by kake December 23, 2004
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A term used to describe the band razorlight, usually by someone who dislikes them and thinks they are shite. The term shite suggests the band are not very good.
'That Johnny Bellend out of Razorshite is a twat.'

'Razorshite are not deck.'
by kake December 23, 2004
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