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To become addicted to click and swipe reward reinforcement on social media
The quip went viral, leaving the anonymous poster fully Pavloved, after which he spent even more time on the social media site each day, completely hooked on the virtual attention, looking for more.
by ka the wordsmythe April 16, 2020
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The collected rejected, based on the word “anathema.”
The anathelogium was a repository for all rejected works and deeds of Mankind.
by ka the wordsmythe August 20, 2021
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The process by which any individual's accomplishments and/or creative output is deemed valid based on the virtue - or perceived virtue - of said individual. Inversely, to make eligible for censorial callout and shutdown any work or creative output of any individual deemed unvirtuous.
The painting was removed from the exhibit after the artist, who had indeed endured a troubled past, failed to survive the virtue vetting of a group of highly motivated and vocal museum supporters, who claimed to be offended by the work's inclusion in the show.
by ka the wordsmythe October 3, 2018
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The duplicitous posting of images and information intended not to honestly share but to troll for negative commenters in order to attack them.
She deliberately went shame phishing online by posting less than flattering pics of herself and waiting until the inevitable negative comments trickled in, and then boy did she really launch into attacking them back!
by ka the wordsmythe June 3, 2016
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Women who think it is a feminist platform to bitch about anyone and everything and do as little as possible.
The Beta Bitch insisted on hiring a cleaning lady and nanny because she was online all day, blogging and tweeting about how suppressed she was.
by ka the wordsmythe January 9, 2018
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Partnership Paradigm
The Partnership Paradigm acknowledges the positive economies of scale of committed relationships: As in business, the sum is greater than its parts & more efficiently executed when complementary skills/contributions & shared endeavors & pleasures are combined for optimized results & satisfaction for each member of the couple, & for the couple itself.
by ka the wordsmythe June 21, 2019
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Selective omission of opposing facts or opinions to manipulate narrative for purposes of advancing woke agenda.
The judge’s comments against the protestor were wokewashed to make it appear he supported the movement.
by ka the wordsmythe October 15, 2021
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