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Eggstronaut – Stored, fertilized human eggs/zygotes/embryos as featured science fiction stories, existing for purposes of re-populating new worlds
The "eggstronauts" in the science fiction film traveled to other galaxies, safely tucked into their bio-container, ready to populate the new world.
by ka the wordsmith September 1, 2015
EZ Appeasement Parenting – alternate name to otherwise describe & challenge the Attachment Parenting trend: co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding and other non-authoritative methods that suggest an inverted familial hierarchy, in which the child is boss, where its every demand & desire is granted in a misguided, anti-confrontational attempt to keep the child “happy”
The EZ appeasement parenting proponent, who hadn't had a full night of sleep in six years, admitted that her tyrannical son ruled the roost, but that it was based on ideal parenting beliefs.
by ka the wordsmith September 1, 2015
Viralization – (1) support gained via social media of any shared word/image & deed carried out with the express intention of its going viral, in which the gaining of fame/notoriety overrides or supersedes the deed or action itself as founding impetus. (2) fame/notoriety/major media acknowledgement based on the sole criteria of accumulated high numbers of social media facilitated quick clicks as determined by the lowest human attention quotient, tech addicted masses with the most idle time on their hands
Viralization is guided and upheld by those masses with the most time to share and hence the opposite fame based on merit.
by ka the wordsmith September 1, 2015
luxury realm acts, activities or endeavors done in the name of charity, especially those done, as luxury-seeking activists claim, to “raise awareness” of selected charities or maladies, most especially where there is no direct contact or financial gain for the recipient
The billionaire's daughter took an around-the-world cruise to raise awareness of poverty stricken children in her home town, a prime example of trickle-down largesse.
by ka the wordsmith September 19, 2015
used occasionally as a political term for contrived, inconsistent political platforming, often leaning negative and at times radically so
2)new - general definition + lifestyle application:
any person who adapts a platform with an outward show of its belief and adherence, who in actuality only follows said platform when convenient. fauxtariansism is more an attempt at creating depth of personality via conviction, with tangential attempts at garnering attention through its repeated declarations, rather than it being a lifestyle decision implemented with consistency - and without fanfare - in one's day to day.
a fauxtarian will snarf a bratwurst one day and the next day make a big fuss over meat served in some other context, calling self a "vegetarian" to anyone in earshot. a fauxtarian will call self an animal activist and drive a car with leather upholstery. a fauxtarian will serve their kids pre-fab mac n cheese whilst shopping - and boasting - of one's own gourmet/organic adherence.
by ka the wordsmith September 1, 2015
Blatherdom –as coming from or being of the realm of meaningless blather & empty rhetoric
blah blah blah blah - "blatherdom" is discourse of this realm, with about that much meaning.
by ka the wordsmith September 1, 2015
Scientesse – In entertainment, any female scientist character burdened with sexist, cliché-ridden faults and shortcomings, applied so as to move the plot forward via their backwards deeds and behaviors.
Anne Hathaway's "scientesse" in the film Insterstellar was more the foolish damsel in distress than any adventurous, strong and driven, analytical character.
by ka the wordsmith September 1, 2015