used occasionally as a political term for contrived, inconsistent political platforming, often leaning negative and at times radically so
2)new - general definition + lifestyle application:
any person who adapts a platform with an outward show of its belief and adherence, who in actuality only follows said platform when convenient. fauxtariansism is more an attempt at creating depth of personality via conviction, with tangential attempts at garnering attention through its repeated declarations, rather than it being a lifestyle decision implemented with consistency - and without fanfare - in one's day to day.
a fauxtarian will snarf a bratwurst one day and the next day make a big fuss over meat served in some other context, calling self a "vegetarian" to anyone in earshot. a fauxtarian will call self an animal activist and drive a car with leather upholstery. a fauxtarian will serve their kids pre-fab mac n cheese whilst shopping - and boasting - of one's own gourmet/organic adherence.
by ka the wordsmith September 1, 2015