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An adult who uses elementary school slang such as, ''you smelt it, you dealt it." or "I know you are but what am I."
guy: "someone in here farted"
other guy: "you smelt it, you dealt it"
guy: "dude shut up. that's so elementary. what are you still in like the second grade?"
by justicetoteach February 05, 2010

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when a trail of food or substance that looks like cum is dribbled down the front of your shirt in a striped fashion.
guy: hey, who have you been sucking to get that skunk stripe down the front of your shirt.

girl: that's not cum, it's yogurt that dribbled down my shirt.
by justicetoteach February 04, 2010

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near death experience; mocking the doomsday prediction of may 21, 2011
I had a total rapture the other day when I was almost hit by a car.
by justicetoteach June 01, 2011

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