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The spectrum in which you define your political stance.
by jpj June 11, 2004
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UK82 is the second wave of british punk, UK77 was the first. 77 was more popular, because it was the beginning of a new genre of music. By the end of the 77 movement most "punks" "grew out of" punk rock music. UK82 is harder, faster, somewhat darker and the fashion was better too.
Varukers, Court Martial, Crux, Broken Bones.
by jpj May 13, 2004
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A type of Punk Rock in which the lyrics are about anarchism and political activism.
by jpj February 3, 2004
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The definition of sexy. Nice lips, breasts, eyes, face and a very sexy monotone voice.
She's perfect.
by jpj June 17, 2004
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Having old political and social views. Being ultraconservative. Reactionaries like to reminisce about the good old days when slavery, sexism, racism and cruel/unusal punishment were prominent.
Reactionaries biggest fear:
When straight white men no longer rule the U.S.
by jpj June 11, 2004
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A very sexy red-headed Japanese model/pornstar.
I want to nail Ayumi Tahara!
by jpj June 2, 2004
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Male masturbation. Sometimes when masturbating your wrists tend to crack especially if you have arthritis.jerking off, jacking off.
I'll be back in ten minutes im gonna go crack my wrists.
by jpj February 26, 2004
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