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Term Used For Releasing a Never Ending Shit. Much Like The Magicians Hankey When Pulled Out Of His Sleeve
Oh Dear, Sorry i was so long in there....magicians hanky! I was on the beer all night!
by Johno January 15, 2004

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1. The first side effect of Genital Herpes

2. Small spots caused by the build up of smegma under the forskin and around the bell

3. Someone unlike and disrespected for some reason or another!
1. Oh dear, sleeping with sally has given me a knobbly penis

2. i had better take a really good shower, hopefully i can wash away my knobbly penis

3. That guys a knobbly penis, he touched my ass!
by Johno January 15, 2004

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This guy is a prick (hence the name)
GUY 1 : omg look over there
GUY 2 : where?
GUY 1 : there look, its mik the prick
by johno April 14, 2005

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Main, Top, Great
He the jugular man.
That video man, it's jugular
by Johno June 06, 2003

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Sheffield United Football Club

Play at Brammal Lane in Sheffield, England
up the blades

did you watch the blades game last night
by johno January 19, 2004

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a difficult cunt
look around...
by johno November 30, 2003

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