8 definitions by john harrison

Total bag of shit

Very shitty at hockey

Aka deluca
You played like Vincent out there
by john harrison April 13, 2018
Not so much a whore, but more of a slut rather. No money is be given directly to her. She does require you buy her drinks, and play her little "hard to get" game for some time at least for one night. Later she "lets" you fuck her (as if its the priveledge) and leave without any words spoken.

She's comparative to a bicyle in a village in which it is the only one for everyone to use. Eventually you get to ride it as fast as you like.... you just have to wait your turn. (wear protection, she gave me the crabs)
Look! (in a young mexican voice) it's the village (spoken: vee-lej) bicycle.....everyone gets to take a ride!
by john harrison January 20, 2004
In other ways used as the phrase "laying down the law"....
You let that bitch leave you with the kids and went out drinkin...? You better be layin some smack down...
by john harrison January 16, 2004
A stressing Teenager, whom enjoys chatting and building computers. Is often found on IRC channel #joyoftech on the Slashnet Server.
Smegedinashed is a cool dude.
by john harrison August 16, 2003
A person who refuses to read a road map when they're going on a road trip. Usually repeatedly lost, or going the wrong direction thinking he has everything under control.
Hey Rand Mcnally, do you think maybe well be laying by the ocean within the next 72 hours, youre a fucking genius.....(putz)
by john harrison January 16, 2004
Someone who never shuts up, excessive chatter.
Brock is such a fucking motor mouth, my fucking ears are hurting.
by john harrison October 19, 2004
Burger-eating scam artist, always looking for a new and original way of scaming money out of his mates. Regular and loyal customer of Burger King, where his usual order is an XL Double Bacon Cheese Burger meal with Coke.
by john harrison March 3, 2004