70 definitions by john gaskell

A Super Strength can of Lager usually around 9% Vol. also: Purple Tin,Speccy and Super Duper
LAD A: " I'm fuckin really sorry lad, I'd had 7 Super's "
LAD B: " yeh I know but, tryin to finger me mum, thats out of order lad!"
LAD A: "I can't remember, I'm fuckin sorry"
LAD B: "It's not good enough ye cunt "
LAD A: "Do ye fancy a pint? "
LAD B: "Alright then cunt, thats a good start "
by John Gaskell March 20, 2004
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The couple of fat wankers that stand outside most clubs in Britain on Friday or Saturday night. Their role is to keep any trouble in the club to a minimum and only let decent people inside. They usually start all the trouble and lech around underage girls for effect, but, in truth they have incredibly small penises and do to many steds to give a girl a decent one. Whereas the likes of me, I'm quite partial to giving the girls exactly what they need
" a fat bouncer kicked off on saturday night and ended up getting his cunt kicked in by 5 fella's, I fuckin loved the scene "
by John Gaskell March 12, 2004
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To get badly hurt and subsequently lose in a fight.Also: Paggered, Battered, Kicked in, Cunt Kicked In, fucked up
" I got fuckin Leathered last night, my jaw got well and truly rapped "
by John Gaskell March 08, 2004
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A Term meaning to Masturbate.Also: Wank, Beat, Wack off, Rhythm Man, Jerk Off and Knock One Out
" My Bird isn't comin' round tonight and I'm fuckin horny, I know, I'll have One Off The Cuff
by John Gaskell March 28, 2004
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To be absolutely off your face on drink and drugs, derived from the Yoghurt manufacturer Muller, after people (mostly gimps) used to go round sayin Creamed, Creamed turned to Mullered
" I was fackin mullered on friday night in the club, I was so facked that I started usin cockney words like Mullered "
by John Gaskell October 27, 2005
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A slang term for face derived from the hit TV show Cangey & Lacey in the 80's. Also kipper,Delroy,Ricky and Boat
" If only the slut had a better lookin Cagney I'd cowp her, she's got a lovely body "
by John Gaskell May 14, 2005
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A Slang word meaning Motorbike or Scooter, usually stolen.
" I ad a better night on satdey, we were all tanked and Scritchy ad a Skrag on the go but he got nicked thou lad "
by John Gaskell April 29, 2004
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