" I robbed some cunts wallet down a Jigger last night with a Plazzy shooter that I took from a Bairn "
by John Gaskell March 7, 2004
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a person with no butt.
Joe lacks plazzy cakes
by O.Dre July 22, 2010
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A Liverpool Football Club supporter's term for a fan of Chelsea Football Club.

Mainly arising from the juxtaposition between the long tradition of banner creation by Liverpool fans, and Chelsea F.C putting flags out on seats before the match for fans to wave.

Sub text is also to do with Chelsea "buying" their success and having "no history".
by BertyJobbo April 20, 2012
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Someone born outside of Liverpool, but dreams of one day being wrongly mistaken for Scouse. They "support" either red or blue yet don't ever venture too far from their couch unless it's an awayday to the local pub. Claim to out of towners that they where born in Scotty Road". Desperate to be accepted
Ketwig Keith: Alright laa you a scouser?

Bowlhead Benny: Yes laa !

Ketwig Keith: Wherabout?

Bowlhead Benny: Ellesmere Port but ald fella was born in Scotty Rd.

Ketwig Keith: ........ Plazzy Scouser the
by April 26, 2021
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