Deliberately behaving in a difficult, obstinate, aggressive or provocative manner.

Typically results in harm to and/or conflict with other individuals.
"Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz acting up in the hood, send mo' troops" (Tupac)
by aethyaehyaery December 17, 2009
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acting up is a way to foreshadow something someone wants to do to you; similar to “getting you going” or “in the mood”.
ooh baby, you look good in that outfit; you finna make me act up”
by violeta k March 27, 2020
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When your suggestiveness makes someone unable to reject doing suggestive things with you.
- How do I look in my new lingerie?
- Damn, girl, you gon' make me act up.
by WatchingNetflix December 6, 2020
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If your girl starts to acting up break up with her.
by kate February 3, 2004
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The fraud that occurred in Champaign, IL from April 2nd to April 4th.
“If you 17, I’m 17. Girl you gonna make me act up.”
by FF Ogre April 5, 2021
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Official bad bitch season. It's summer, the sun is out, it's warm; and its time to fuck shit up. It's time to look good as fuck, and do nothing but what makes you happy. Twerk your ass off and give no fucks because life is too short. Aka best time of the year.
- Girl, it's almost act up season!

- Oh my god yes finally! *sticks out her tongue*
by yaaassssssssssss April 24, 2019
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The end of cuffing season; When warm weather breaks out; The season of the thots
Looks like everyone is coming out of their relationships. Act up season is upon us,
by Brianna Talia March 19, 2018
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