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A fun, yet addicting game played with your legs. Played in a circle with as much people as possible, the general goal is to have everyone kick the sack before it hits the ground; a hack. once that gets boring you can freestyle.

Celebrate Hacky Sack Day
Hacky Sack Day is the first sunday of every month
by Jeremy March 28, 2005
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Acid , LSD is the most powerful psychadelic drug on the streets. It will make you experience things you have never thought would happen. As a comparison, some think it as a video game, but in a more broader sense it gives your mind a very trippy effect and you can begin to see trails, dots, inanimate objects doing human things. Boosts Creativity a lot.
Dude! I just got a 10 strip of acid man, Lets go drop the shit at my place tomorrow at seven..Bring Pink Floyd!
by Jeremy December 03, 2004
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U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30 M1
A clip fed, air cooled, shoulder fired, semi-automatic weapon. First adopted in 1936, it served the military until 1957 when it was replaced by the M14.
The soldier was an expert shot with his M1 Garand.
by Jeremy October 23, 2003
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A condition in which the pancreas secretes little or no insulin - a hormone that lowers the blood sugar level.
I have none for the word. However, I must say that AJ is completely oblivious on the subject.
by Jeremy March 09, 2003
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To run fast.
The cops showed up so I had to shag ass.
by Jeremy March 22, 2004
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having multiple men ejaculate on a (wo)man's face
She's into bukakke
by Jeremy December 03, 2002
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The prostate gland. Up the guy's bum there. Produces sperm or some such.
Hit my P spot, I'll shoot like a rocket.
by Jeremy November 09, 2005
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