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a lame excuse that has been used frequently to give someone the brush off; from the acronym same old song and dance
I've heard your lame ass excuses before. Don't be giving me the sosad, brutha.
by jeffisgod June 20, 2014

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To refuel a Tesla automobile.
While your gasoline automobile takes five minutes to refuel, it only takes me 90 seconds to recoil my Tesla.
by jeffisgod September 14, 2014

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Transpose words in a sentence
She just told me, “I fucking love you so much” and I replied,”I love fucking you so much” too. I dyslexicize(d)] that sentence
by jeffisgod March 24, 2020

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a baby hedgehog
We saw a tiny hedglet in the hedgehog cage at the zoo.
by jeffisgod November 21, 2014

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