37 definition by jeff24

A: Im emo AND an American.
B: ROFLMAOAY!!!*points* FAG!
by jeff24 June 04, 2005

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1.A catchphrase off Ch4's Bo Selecta! programme for a member of the Beatles's.
2.An expression of dispair.
3.An expression of delight.
1."Look it's Yoko with a yoyo,shmiggles"
2."Oh f*cking shmiggles!"
3."Hehehe yes!Shmiggles"
by jeff24 April 13, 2004

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Cockney ryming slang for "nipples"
"Bloody hell look at her raspberry ripples!"
by Jeff24 July 09, 2003

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1. Noise made when you jump on a fish.
2. The noises fish make out of water.
3. A fish on a bike saying something.
Discontented fish: "MAAAAWWWWP"
by Jeff24 December 19, 2004

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1.A phrase made popular by a Craig David song. Used to show joy or dissmay.
2.One of the best comdey programmes ever to grace Ch4
1. "Oh no...I've pissed me self...bo selecta."
by Jeff24 July 09, 2003

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A healthy dose of video games.

Not really a vitamin but just as essential as any nutrient to people who play all manner of video games. For any video game obsessive the lack of this health 'benefit' in their daily diet can be serious. However, too much of vitamin vg can cause negative side effects.
Because my Xbox 360 got the RRoD I haven't had my daily dose of vitamin vg in weeks!
by jeff24 June 18, 2009

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A mixture between a "muppet" and a "pumpkin". Used:
1. as a term of endearment
2. a lighthearted insult.
1. Ohhh you cheeky lil mumpkin
2. Haha keep it shut you, ya mumpkin!
by Jeff24 January 09, 2005

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