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Probably the shittest game known to man.
Farmville is total wank.
by jayvizzle October 19, 2009

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Older, second or third year students, or even members of the public who prey on vulnerable, very drunk freshers during freshers week
guy: I cant come out with you guys, its freshers week!
mates: You dont go to university!
guy: i know, i'm just out for a fresher fuck!

-- example 2 --

Girl: you creep, im not going anywhere near you
Guy: can you blame a guy for trying?
Girl: You are all the same, just out for a fresher fuck!
Guy: You said it sweetheart!
by jayvizzle October 10, 2009

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A green cap is a reference to a semi-erect penis. The phrase "green cap" is linked to the color of the lids that are found on Semi-skimmed milk bottles.
*Sergio* Don't you think Alex is looking a bit happy with Sophie sitting on his lap?

*Josh* Yeah mate, kid's got a green cap fo'sho!
by Jayvizzle April 01, 2009

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A ffasa stands for a "Far From A Sweet As". It can be used as an exclamation or used as an adjective. It is used to show obvious disgust or displeasure at someone or something, possibly an unfavorable outcome.

The word is said "Fasa" even though there are 2 Fs, you would sound stupid saying "F-Fasa". Not cool you fucking tool.
*Sergio* You know we got all that work to do for next week?

*Josh* ffasa! why wasn't i told!?

*Sergio* Alex got another Green cap over Sophie!

*Josh* i would hate to be him right now...would be such a ffasa.
by Jayvizzle April 08, 2009

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