the people you can trust when running or riding in the naked bike ride at university of vermont. since bramley took away the police and what not, the green caps are here to save you if you get hurt or assaulted. also wearing green hats...
by nbr lover<3 December 8, 2011
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In China, it means cuckolded. Green hat has the same meaning. The depth the green colour indicte the degree of cuckold.
His wife and her bull put a dark green cap on him. All his boys look like the bull.
by Happymommyhappyhome December 27, 2019
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A green cap is a reference to a semi-erect penis. The phrase "green cap" is linked to the color of the lids that are found on Semi-skimmed milk bottles.
*Sergio* Don't you think Alex is looking a bit happy with Sophie sitting on his lap?

*Josh* Yeah mate, kid's got a green cap fo'sho!
by Jayvizzle April 2, 2009
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Green cap gang is a gang in San Andreas, CA, having ownership over all major parks and fields in San Andreas.
by Josegreen May 1, 2021
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