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One of six books written by author Clayton Bigsby. Of the six, only four were published; including Dump truck, I Smell Nigger and Nigger Book. Nigger Stain expresses Bigsby's views, primarily concerning race and religion, including criticism of various political figures in the United States government. Bigsby is a powerful leader of the Ku Klux Klan and the white supremacist movement.
"I can't wait to read Nigger Stain by Clayton Bigsby"
by jaquan123321 July 31, 2013

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Clothing or accesories
"Yo Tyrone, ja gear ain't fresh."

"Check my new gear."
by jaquan123321 October 22, 2009

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A person that can be described as dirty or triflin. A grimebull is visibly dirty, and does not make any attempt to look clean.
"Look at Bill. He's such a grimebull."

"Young Dirt wears that sweatshirt every day. He is a grimebull."
by jaquan123321 October 22, 2009

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After one receives a blumpkin, (getting a blow job while taking a dump) he then proceeds to grab the female by her hair and before flushing, shoves her head into the toilet bowl. Once the female's head is stabilized, he may then flush for added effect, creating a whirlpool and making it more dramatic.
"Yo what did you do last night?"
"Not much just kicked back and watched the Flintstones marathon. But I got bored and gave a girl a hot fudge sundae."
"Nice, that's always a good idea. As long as you made her clean up after herself."
by jaquan123321 September 11, 2012

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to eat or eat very quickly, loudly or sloppy
my youngbull dontrelle is beefin' that cheesesteak

i heard him beefin' from over here
by Jaquan123321 August 11, 2009

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