140 definition by jacques asse

The act whereby a man gets shot down in visible, actual flames after propositioning a girl under the age of 24.
Nick got faceburned when Tori said "NO!".
by Jacques Asse February 03, 2009

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Perpfisting is practically the most revolting form of fisting possible.

You take a perp, roll him in pine pitch and river gravel. You then lash him to the business end of a catapult or trebuchet, set the apparatus to fire, and then position the girl carefully spread-eagle in front of it. The perp should have at least 6 feet of rope tied to one of his legs.

When the catapult/trebuchet fires, the perp is then energetically forced into one or both of the girl's lower orifices. To get him out, you just pull the rope tied to his leg.
Perpfisting is a fine way to spend lazy gray Thursday afternoons.
by Jacques Asse January 19, 2010

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teh stoopid is the condition of being female and genetically incapable of standard formal logic.
teh stoopid: how thuggas and ePimps and other dipshits get American chicks into bed.
by Jacques Asse August 21, 2009

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A Bagielo is a misunderstood idiot, someone lacking any sense of humor who nonetheless tries to post UD entries. A Bagielo will often verbally assault you for no reason at all, pretending he has moderator or administrative powers, when the only power he has consists in shoving plastic objects up his ass.
Bagielo will try to insult you, and likely bloody himself up in the process.
by Jacques Asse June 16, 2009

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Urbanisting = urban fisting, the process whereby urban thugs and pimps and other reprobates competitively rap and jive and debase the English language in a mockery of human speech.
Fitty cent an Dat thug wuz urbanisting upin da hood yestaday.
by Jacques Asse February 10, 2009

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A queener is a resident of New York who was conceived in the borough of Queens. These are most often depraved gay males with very small phallic appendages.
Ramon, gay stalker and queener.
by Jacques Asse February 05, 2009

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A man dressed in a sheet, pretending to be a ghost, with his penis protruding from the sheet, looking for random women to stealth sodomize.
"Sally, walking home from the library, stopped by the coffee shop, and was assaulted (quite well) in the alley by the local phantom buttfucker."
by Jacques Asse October 15, 2008

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