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The ultimate of ultimate complimates for have a huge dick. Also refered to as Stonecock.
After Justin banged Paul's mom, she said he had a Stonerock.
by Justin September 01, 2004
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A movement in music that started in the late 60's with Black Sabbath. Metal is generally classified by a heavy sound and rebellious and/or angry lyrics. Most forms of metal require an incredible musical proficiency. If you don't believe that, pick up a guitar sometime and try to play "Raining Blood" by Slayer.

Metal is the antithesis of mainstream music. It is quite possibly the most technically demanding and misunderstood form of music there is.

Metal's image was severely damaged in the 80's, with poser bands like Poison and Whitesnake claiming to be metal, when they were nothing more than watered down rock. The damage to metal's image continues even to this day, with many people not in the know beliving metal to be men in glittery spandex and poodle hair prancing about on stage singing 'Talk Dirty To Me." If you want an idea of what Metal truly is, take a look and a listen at a band like Slayer.

Some people have the misconception that metal is incoherent and devoid of melody or talent. People who think this obviously haven't listened to Iron Maiden. Generally people with this attitude are morons who listen to U2, so their opinions really don't matter anyway.

And to the guy who said metal is 'like rock, only gay,' Shut up and listen to your Ricky Martin album, you fvcking toolbag.
"That's fucking METAL!!"
by Justin April 04, 2005
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An overtaxed hell hole in the North Eastern United States that has moronic law makers, sky high taxes, and shitty weather for 5 months of the year.
It's another cloudy New York State day!
by justin March 09, 2008
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Used in live chat to express laughter and; confusion, disbelief, or lack of understanding. Often used in a mocking fashion.

Often written in all-caps for effect. Question and/or exclamation marks are optional.
AOLer: meh h0v3rcr4ft 1s fu11 0f e3e33eLLLzzz!!!1omgroffle

MrPerson: LOLWHAT?
by Justin May 06, 2005
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having sex with a girl doggie style and pretending to cum by spitting on her back. when she turns over bam thats when the magic happens in her eye.
by justin May 26, 2003
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A word used to describe a fatass motherfucking cunty ugly bitch that wants your balls in a jar on her desk.
" That bitch is a fuckin Hoesbeast"
by Justin November 24, 2004
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When you are having sex with a woman, light her pubic hair on fire, then proceed to put out the fire with your ejaculatory fluids.
I gave Bo's mom a california forest fire.
by justin December 09, 2003
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