Power house of the world. The future ruler of all living things
My U.S. Military will kick your Militaries @$$!
by Jon's Mom April 2, 2003
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United States Military. The armed forces of the United States of America.

The group of patriotic men and weomen willing to risk their lives for the saftey of their country, and of the people of America. One of the most powerful militaristic forces on earth, only stoppable by the U.S. Government . (Only because the U.S. Government controls the U.S. Military politically.)
Did you know that the U.S. Military is possibly the most powerful military in the world?
by D314 October 17, 2013
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A group of systematically brainwashed fascist trained by our great government to tell other cultures that they have been doing things wrong for thousands of years and that our "freedom" is the only thing that can possibly be correct.
What the fuck is the U.S. Military doing in the Middle East anyway?!?
by Rickle the Pickle September 9, 2004
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proud bunch of warmongers which got the best tech but still can't beat a bunch of rice farmers and opium hooked a

bunch of afghanis and take pout Assad and what not and get their ass handed to them
it's said Pakistani military might have more victories than us military but I still have suspicion on that
get attracted to oil and spread so-called democracy to unsuspecting 3rd world backwater nations
I know I will get disliked by U.S Military fanboys and Pakistani patriots who can't form a full sentence but I don't care
by proudindianfacist October 7, 2020
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