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Bang Guru : Expert guide on the art of growing/maintenance of bangs/fringe of hair over forehead.
Scarcely there -
to itchy eyes.
Bangs now tickle my nose.

Beneath this veil
Lurks a tale,
of love and admiration.

The Bang Guru
can be your guide,
in making your bangs real.
by isabelydancer00 July 26, 2010
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Rises up to the challenges in life. / Sets goals. / Acheive goals. / Living up to all that could be!
In spite of all the hurdles in life, #20 rose up to the challenges, set and achieved goals ~ game-wise and personally, to becomme PRMHA bantam most inspirational hockey player of 2010.
by isabelydancer00 April 27, 2010
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There is only one Mmmichael!!! Mmichael is an Ammsterdamm treat - mmy Ammsterdamm treat. Mmmichael is everything mmagnificent all rolled into one!!! Mmichael is mmijn mmooie mman / Mmichael is my husband.
Mmmichael is such a mmagnificent mman that Isabel mmarried himm!!!
by isabelydancer00 May 4, 2010
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knit-wit: A person with a flair, knack or love of the knitting/crocheting craft; Handy with yarn and needles; A knitting/crocheting enthusiast.
Jan could hardly contain herself about the upcomming knitting cruise. "Yes. that Jan - she's a real knit-wit!"
by isabelydancer00 July 28, 2010
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Bertbash: To pick or ridicule the character of Bert from Sesame Street - his uni-brow and crankyness.
Bert is subject to a lot of 'Bertbash' due to his uni-brow, yet people are so unaware that the reason Ernie is so full of hee-hee-hee is he himself is bald, but his higher and busier uni-brow is often mistaken as his head of hair!
by isabelydancer00 July 10, 2010
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