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This is a male homo sapien with the brain of a young boy. Further, this creature completely lacks impuse control and in some cases, demonstrates sociopathic behavior.
Isobel thought she was dating a successful peer-but when the oaf was caught in a terrible lie, she quickly realized that she had wasted her time with a low life manposter
by immelinda January 22, 2019
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Coafse- pronounced Kofsee- an acronym for confessions of a female serial entrepreneur. It can be used as either a noun or a verb.
Dolores had coafse tendencies.
Dolores went coafse on her abusive employer.
by immelinda October 10, 2013
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When pandemics prevent contact with loved ones, major holidays may be combined. Easterween blends the best of the Easter & Halloween Holiday traditions.
Please come by for Easterween, make sure to dress in a ghoulish costume & bring an easter basket to retrieve hidden eggs & free candy.
by immelinda October 31, 2020
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Is an annual celebration which recognizes joyful living, friendship & habanero salsa. It is inspired by the good deeds of its namesake, James Herndon.
I am responsible for bringing the guacamole to this year’s JamesydeMayo. Needless to say- I will make it spicy enough to make people cry.
by immelinda April 27, 2021
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