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A serial entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who starts a number of new businesses after having already started and exited a previous business venture. An entrepreneur is guided by the belief in a market opportunity for a particular product and/or service. An entrepreneur follows an inspiration and is able to motivate others to follow them. Entrepreneurs are willing to take on a personal, professional and/or financial risk. In contrast to an entrepreneur who starts a single company and operates it as a career, a serial entrepreneur may treat entrepreneurship as a profession. Successful serial entrepreneurs have

the ability to repeatably recognize a market. He/she might rely less on personal intuition and inspiration but on an analysis on the market opportunity.
the ability to repeatably create a product or service. A serial entrepreneur is focussing on a repeatable business processes.
the ability to repeatably motivate individuals/teams and build an entire organization to follow in his/her pursuit
the ability to delegate and surround themselves with talent that complements their own.
Richard Branson is a well-known and successful serial entrepreneur.
by Lee Waller May 05, 2008
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