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1. A total hottie. Someone who has excellent looks, and maybe more.
2. An outstanding person, personality; a winner.
"Oh man, I could just do that jem."
by Ho August 26, 2004
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rolling on the floor laughing so hard my brain explodes and my eyes pop out and i think im going to die but i dont.

other dude:rotflshmbeamepoaistigtdbid!
by ho August 22, 2004
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is te only good late night host left along with jimmy kimmel.late night with conan o brian put the tonight show to shame
Because of all of our guests tomorrow night, we will not have any stupid, arbitrary comedy that wastes everyone's time.Isn't that right, Cactus Chef playing We didnt Start the fire on Flute?
by ho August 07, 2004
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a gust of wind blown from the inner loins of the female, given to you only when suffient length has been inserted into your lower lips
when i was in 6th grade, i inserted a candle into my verticle.. smile out of curiousity of course and a pussy fart was soon released :-)
by HO April 17, 2004
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Cruel, endearing, English darling. See snob.
JOmolA: "I am voting conservitive and am pro-establishment."
Aaragon: "You are such a Hatty."
Jomola: "Huh?"
by Ho September 09, 2003
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To drop anchor.
Having found a good fishing spot, we decided to drop trou
by Ho April 01, 2003
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