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a place for parents to put there kids while they do amusing things
prison for kids where they are trapped for 7 hours
by hemp January 29, 2005

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a swing used for sexual pleasure.more than likely, hung from the celling with chains
that dude has a sling in his basment
by hemp February 20, 2005

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the slit in the seat of a pair of longjohns or union suit
"john forgot ta open the assflap and shat all oner hiz longjohns"
by hemp March 11, 2005

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Molluscum contagiosum may be sexually transmitted by skin-to-skin contact (does not have to be mucous membranes) and/or lesions. Transmission through sexual contact is the most common form of transmission for adults.
jane found out theat the rash on her was a case of molloscum.
by hemp April 08, 2005

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takin a shit, takin a crap,layin cable, dropping the kids off at the pool,pinching a loaf, to expell waste material from the human body
thomas got cought a poopin beside the road
by hemp March 10, 2005

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