A writer without a crew. Now it's just a way of saying you are the first one with that name. Almost everyone puts "one" or "oner" after their name, hence the meaning of it is slowly losing importance in the graffiti world.
Among oner don't rep a crue.

Among one is the first one writing among.
by Amongone May 23, 2007
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-£100/one hundred pound
commonly used in london
i bought a new bike for a oner
by mansfieldlj August 15, 2007
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A gimmicky long take in a movie. 90% of the times it breaks the flow of the editing but it just looks so damn artsy fartsy to the average viewer so it's an easy way to turn a movie into oscar bait when the studio doesn't have many contenders for the Academy Awards. Very few directors can pull it off in a way it actually works, but that doesn't matter because very few critics will dare not to praise it.
Did you know that "1917" is a oner? The whole movie looks like it was shot in a single take! Did you know that? It's so cool, it's gonna win Best Picture for sure! Did you know it? Did you? The whole movie is a single shot!
by not-a-fan June 13, 2020
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Assholes on halloween who only give you one piece of candy.
*Halloween Night*
Person at door: Hi, please take one each!
Rick: Bob, let's go, we have a oner here.
Bob: Aww man! I hate those damn oners.
by Moemoefosho December 8, 2007
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They're not quite a boner. Maybe a baby boner. But you still get the full affect of being horny.
I bet my oner is bigger than yours!
by Earl has a big Squirrel December 13, 2007
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Those of one.
The grade oners were squeeling like a Seb!
by Raihoo Oohiar December 23, 2003
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A pedant writes:

This is a mis-spelling of the more correct onanism.

Onan is a person described in the Bible (book of Genesis). He was the second son of Judah. His name is the origin for the sexual term onanism (synonym of masturbation), which many consider to be based on a misinterpretation as it more properly refers to spilling seed...

After his older brother Er died Onan was to marry Er's widow Tamar. According to the Bible, when he had sexual intercourse with his brother's wife he spilt his seed upon the ground (Genesis 38:7-9); the Bible says that he did this because (under the custom of levirate marriage) the child would not be considered his, but his late brother's. In response to this transgression, God killed Onan.
'Onerism, you ill educated peasant, surely you mean Onanism!'

Instead of 'Oh Fuck' one would use the following 'By Onan's withered Balls!'

Well, you could if you wanted ;-)
by Nickdubya January 12, 2006
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