Getting a blowjob, while playing cod (call of duty).
by superman321 March 29, 2010
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From Old Norse blóð, from Proto-Germanic *blōþą (“blood”)
From Proto-Germanic *blōþą, of unknown origin. Cognate with Old Frisian blōd (West Frisian bloed), Old Saxon blōd (Low German Bloot), Old Dutch bluot (Dutch bloed), Old High German bluot (German Blut), Old Norse blóð (Swedish blod), Gothic 𐌱𐌻𐍉𐌸 (blōþ).
Blod means Blood, it's that simple.

Nothing really that can be used as an insult as the other totally made up definitions found in this "Dictionary" ...

However it also has this other definitions:
From Middle High German blode, from Old High German blōdi, from Proto-Germanic *blauþijaz, *blauþaz (“weak, soft, timid”). Cognate with Old English blēaþ (“gentle, shy, cowardly, timid; slothful, inactive, effeminate”) and English blate (“bashful, stupid”) and bloat (“be swollen, be worthless”).
by KegLock May 23, 2019
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Ahhh, the retched iphone Boot loop of Death, this is a common occurrence for iphone 6 users as myself, i came here to write this because i am very sad, can we hit 2 likes?
Me: My iphone is having a BloD rn ind i cri
You: ha loser, imagine having an iphone 6
Me: yea but its sorta dead
You: Fuckin Looser
Me: Ok ima go dig out my iphone 5c
You: why is this random so fucking weird
by gnhfvaebvew,ybaew September 8, 2020
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stfu blod
Hey. stfu blod
by Jellydog7 June 16, 2021
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