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Vagina; part on a female where weiners go in, and then babies come out
I'm standin' there talkin' to this pregnant chick, and all of a sudden, babies just start shooting out of her tike launcher!

Man, I'd love to go to town on her sweet little tike launcher
by hb December 2, 2004
when you spend all day staring at CASTS and making ppt slides.
You usually get datahead when you are forced to be a chart monkey.
by hb July 30, 2003
An alternative program, or school, with grades from 6th-12th located in Arlington, VA, that's just better than any local school in the county (we've got written proof). Where kids excel in a independent learning environment, such as going to class is optional, and also includes learning alcohol intake unlike fellow Yorktown High School. Notoriously known as the "hippie" or "pothead" school, but in reality we just know how to party.
Question: Oh so you're from H-B, so do who smoke pot every day?

Answer: No, but I do know how to hold my liquor.
by hb February 20, 2005
The pain of loving someone that you know you can never have; by circumstance or subjective decision.
by hb March 31, 2004
CHUGA CHUGA, makes people hurt others. Hatebreed IS chuga chuga.
by hb March 11, 2003
engaging in sexula play during monthy period
sorry luv not into bloodsports
by hb April 4, 2003