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Music (especially indie music) or bands that were popularized by the music website Pitchfork. Often used derisively.
At this point I think we can assume that any band with "Beach" in its name is Pitchforkcore.

White kids who don't listen to rap will listen to Odd Future because it's Pitchforkcore.
by hataraxia August 19, 2011
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A term of comparison used to describe something that is normally nerdy or uncool, but in a certain place is popular and may get you laid. Derived from how the computer game Starcraft is hugely popular and televised in South Korea, and its best players are treated as celebrities.
Being a Spock lookalike is no field trip. Except in trekkie conventions. Then it's like Starcraft in Korea.
by hataraxia August 18, 2011
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The tendency to measure the cost of something in margaritas or another drink with a fixed, easy-to-remember price.
It'll cost your five less margaritas to fly to Orlando on the 8th than on the 9th.

Think about it in margarita currency. Think about all the margaritas you could buy instead of those slut shoes.
by hataraxia August 19, 2011
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When video game companies use made-up, exciting terms to describe the normal and mundane features of their consoles or games. Sega used the term "blast processing" to describe their console's capabilities in the nineties.
So Heavy Rain has a "dynamic scenario system." Does it have blast processing, too?
by hataraxia August 19, 2011
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A short period of depression and/or self-loathing that girls with a religious background experience after losing their virginity before marriage.
Katie got drunk last night and her virginity blues came back, she kept calling the toilet "daddy" and apologizing to it.
by hataraxia August 19, 2011
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The belief that rich people, due to having money and time to take care of their appearance, look ten years younger (or more) to middle-class people. "Rich forty" is "middle-class thirty."
"You won't fit in. My friends are all in their early thirties."

"Well, remember: I'm rich forty."
by hataraxia August 19, 2011
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The constant, massive flow of data being exchanged through the internet which is a world of its own.
Josh is stuck in the Wired. He's torrenting a game, checking Reddit and Metafilter, tweeting and chatting on four different clients.

Sometimes I have trouble telling the Wired and the real world apart.
by hataraxia August 19, 2011
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