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A band from Manchester. Autechre creates elaborately structured and highly detailed electronic music, usually labeled IDM. The music is often abstract and non-referential, thus rendering much of it largely inaccessible and sometimes misunderstood. Early releases tend to be electro-influenced and somewhat melodic, later releases tend to be more intricately structured and difficult. They have had releases on Warp records since the early 90's.

They often draw obvious comparisons to aphex twin, squarepusher, plaid, and others (based on the loose IDM classification), although they are really quite different.

There is a neverending debate on the pronunciation of this word. See below for the generally accepted pronunciation.
example #1:

'I really think Autechre is at the forefront of today's electronic music scene.'

example #2:

Dad: 'What's that noise?'
Joey: 'It's the new Autechre record.'
Dad: 'Oh, I thought it was our air conditioner breaking down again.'
by Jonathan H. November 30, 2004
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music that has hidden dialogue in the form of predicate nouns, question & answer clauses and repeated motifs that speaks to me and my ilk, like so much music that i have bested, alone.

if you're not 'with' autechre then one of

i)you are wothwhile, anyone's while specifically who's is anyones guess
ii)you wouldn't claim not to be a contender
iii) you haven't heard it yet, but take our word it really is quite tuneful

apllies to you.
by silencut March 01, 2009
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