9 definitions by hUm3N

What are those weird sounds
“Just ignore them it’s only sex”
by hUm3N September 21, 2019
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An eraser. Something you use to correct mistakes in pencil.
“Hey can u pass the rubber please I spelt daddy wrong.”
by hUm3N July 28, 2019
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When you get addicted to other people’s asses.
“Yo look at that thicc ass
“Bro I swear u have an assdiction
by hUm3N December 04, 2019
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A-Game but for British people since we changed our system.
“Dude why u so bad today”
Soz mate just ain’t on my 7-Game today”
by hUm3N February 09, 2020
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When someone is grumpy, angry, or annoyed.
Leave me alone
“Is someone feeling a little grumps
by hUm3N October 17, 2019
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