Someone who is over-confident when it comes to fixing something and usually creates a much larger problem. They will also blame it on an unrelated issue after messing it up.
Brad: "I can fix the toilet easily"
George: "Ok mukka"
5 mins
George: "What have you done you have made it worse. You are such a bodger!"
Brad: "Vibrations init"
by Ch1cker April 8, 2021
This female badger just gave birth to several bodgers.
by Tonely April 17, 2011
1. Anyone who creates objects (machines, vehicles, buildings , etc.) from a mishmash of found or improvised materials

2. An expert in bodging: bodge

3. An unorthodox hobbyist or artist whose body of work has been hobbled together from garbage or materials used in ways that deviate from their intended pupose
Every bodger knows that PVC pipe and duct tape are two most important resources on Earth.

You can commonly find bodgers in their natural habitat: hardware stores, dumpsters, and junkyards.
by mechabyrd January 17, 2006
A person who lives in a mobile hut in the woods, cuts down trees then turns them into chair legs using string lathes. Originates from South Bucks where bodgers used to supply High Wycombe with wood for the furniture industry.
"Me dad's grandad was a bodger in Hellbottom Wood back in the day."
by The ghost of Lawrie Sanchez December 29, 2005
The feeling associated with having overindulged on mashed potato. Similar to being "stuffed" but the term only applies when the feeling is a direct result of mashed potato consumption.
"I ate far too much mashed potato at dinner, i'm totally bodgered."
by Captain Words October 25, 2009
1. Relating to something crap.
2. Speaking in a deep retarded voice for no reason
1. "Yeah that Thai food last night was a bit Bodger"
2. "Stop talking to me in that Bodger voice"
by Andy J January 6, 2005
someone who goes out of their way to avoid drinking or downing their drink
by The incredible Pint Chopper February 12, 2016